About Us

Fundraising Jobs helps any charity fill a fundraising vacancy for £50.

We believe the charity sector is an exciting and inspirational sector to work in. We know that its full of world changing entrepreneurs who want to make the planet a better place for everyone. We wanted to create a job board that showed this and so Fundraisingjobs.org.uk was born.

We ask all charities using the website to be fair and transparent in their adverts, including disclosing salaries.

Fundraising Jobs operates fairly and ethically by levelling the playing field for all charities and brilliant fundraisers alike, regardless of who they are, where they are based or the size of their budget.

Put simply we believe in should not

A charity seeking fundraising staff should not have to pay hundreds of pounds for an advert only to find themselves lost in a sea of boring ads covering every aspect of third sector work, full of bullet points and no visual inspiration.

Fundraisers should not have to wade through page after page of same-same adverts or have their view organised depending on how much a charity can spend on the advert.

Fundraising Jobs makes it easy to view where a job is in the country so fundraisers can easily judge how far they need to go for their dream job and also allows charities to show prospective employees why they should work for them.

What's next?

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